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Find your divine mission + ease anxiety
Katherine Rose | Mental Wellness Coaching2019-04-12T15:31:48+00:00


I help you make friends with your mind
– and love your life!

I feel anxious and overwhelmed.

I’m stuck and don’t know what I want in life.

I want to build a beautiful business, but keep sabotaging my success.

Let’s get you on track to love your mind and life – and thrive!

“Katherine is a truly kind, compassionate coach. She deeply listens to help me identify and work through areas where I’m stuck, such as confidence, values and leadership. I’m so grateful for her support, she is a true lightworker!”
“You don’t need to have a “problem” per se to work with Katherine. With her approachable and compassionate nature, she provides you with realistic and achievable goals and tools to be the best version of yourself – wherever you are in that journey. I always look forward to our calls!”
“Katherine has found her calling helping women work through life challenges and unlock growth. Her approach is rooted in experience, education, and feedback. She has a holistic approach, as she seeks to help you understand the intersection of professional and personal – and how one may impact the other in ways you wouldn’t expect. I have so much more clarity about my life vision!”
“I feel safe, heard and supported. The sessions have helped me verbalise things (which is what I struggled with) and I feel more confident to use my voice in trickier situations. It’s helped me talk things through with Katherine, and given me some good tips and tools to help prepare for tough conversations.”