Welcome! It’s magical to meet you here.

I’m Katherine Rose

As a Content Coach, I guide entrepreneurs and leaders to unbottle their unique vision + voice. So they’re empowered to share their mission and message with the world – and create content that spellbinds their coven of clients.

I’m an intuitive and inclusive business coach, writer, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, podcaster and author. I live on Kaurna land in Adelaide, Australia with my Greek husband. I’m cisgendered, use she/her pronouns, and am a highly sensitive empath.

For over 14 years, I worked as a freelance copywriter helping businesses, brands, leaders and entrepreneurs all over the world tell their story and make a meaningful impact.

And after awakening to my intuitive gifts, I began coaching other entrepreneurs to create content with courage and clarity.

Now I blend both, drawing on my strengths as a visionary and strategist to shine a light on what’s possible for you and your work.

I’m also a lifelong student of unpacking my privilege and programming, and continually invest in anti-racism creators and educators. You can read more about that in my social justice policy here.

Katherine Rose Tate
katherine rose tate

My words have appeared in Women’s Fitness, Glamour UK, Wellbeing, and Inspire Natural Therapies magazines.

And as a creative visionary, I’ve published books, podcasts, meditations, and free resources like my Brave Playbook.

My big vision is to help you step into your full power, lead with courage and curiosity, and speak your truth. Because as we heal ourselves, we heal our world.

It’s a pure pleasure to have you here in my online home – a safe, sacred, playful space created just for you.  You might like to join my list to receive exclusive updates, offers and insights. And delve deeper in our Patreon community.


1. I recently rekindled my childhood love of horses and go riding every week (I’ve given up waiting for my parents to buy me a pony, so am going to do it myself!)

2. I love blending the spiritual with the practical in all that I do – a little logic, a little witchery.

3. My favourite place to be is under the sea, scuba or freediving deep into the underwater world.

4. I believe in taking a gentle approach to work and life. That’s why I design my day around my energy, intuition, cycle and desires.

5. I can touch my nose with my tongue. It’s the party trick no-one ever asks to see more than once.