My favourite NLP tools are those that teach us how to change our state. Because it’s easy to forget that we can choose how we feel. Instantly, in any moment.

While these are best done in a coaching session, I’d love to give you a taste of how to do it – by creating a personal anchor.

What is an anchor?

Have you ever smelled a certain scent, and been transported to another time or place – perhaps your grandma’s house, or a favourite holiday spot?

That’s an anchor: something that your mind associates with something else.

We can create anchors to spark an emotional state, such as excitement, motivation, confidence or calm. Any time you want to slip into that state, you simply touch the anchor and whoomp, there it is!


How to change your state

Close your eyes and go back to a time when you felt really happy. Confident. Ecstatic. Over the moon. Find a specific memory and see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt in that moment. Take some time to simmer in the sights, sounds and feelings.

When the feeling peaks, use the index finger on your dominant hand to touch the knuckle of the index finger on your non-dominant hand (so if you’re right-handed, touch the knuckle on your left hand). Touch it once.

Now go back into that memory and experience that feeling again.

Next, dive into another moment in your life when you felt happy, confident, and awesome. When that feeling peaks, again touch the same knuckle.

Now, imagine that feeling being twice as powerful. When you’re there, touch your knuckle again.

Let’s break your focus for a second: try to say your phone number backwards.

Now, touch your anchor (the knuckle you were pressing) and notice those great feelings rise back up. Cool, right?


Keep feeling fab

Over the next few days, keep adding (stacking) memories to your anchor in the same way.

Make sure they’re specific, and really immerse yourself in each memory – using your imagination to relive it.

Your mind will then associate pressing your knuckle with feeling fabulous! So any time you want to feel good, just touch your anchor and you’re there.

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