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Moving through a blue mood



Today, I’m feeling the descend into the ‘winter’ of my menstrual cycle. The hormonal dip when my sunny side drops behind the horizon, and the sky darkens. Deepens.

A week before my period, my energy wanes. My mood turns blue. And all the hard work of summer and autumn (the peak seasons in my cycle) seems pointless.

In winter, my inner critic wages war. Bitingly, she tells me I’m too much or not enough.

I feel a call to draw inward.

To shut out the world.

To cocoon in my cave.

Cancel plans, curl up on the couch, nurture and nest.

If I can, I do.

But it’s not always possible to hide out…so how do you move through the blues?

You really have to feel it out…sense what’s best for your mind, body and spirit. What can you let go of that isn’t essential? Where can you get support – whether that’s hiring a virtual assistant to take over tasks, having your partner step up with the cooking, or turning to a friend, coach or community who can gently guide you through the season.

My favourite tool at this time is journaling.

I let all my feelings pour on the page, and in that process I can explore it all – or let it go.

I gain clarity on where my head and heart are at – and if I scribble for long enough, my unconscious often tells me what she needs.

This morning, I journaled:

Feeling the slide into my winter today. Thin-skinned and craving protection from the world. I’m noticing a pull to compare my business results to others, and criticise my creativity. What do I need right now to move through this season? Let go of any need to produce or perform at my best. Leave work early, and allow myself rest on the couch with a book. Feel these feelings, they will pass, and simply be here.

There’s the answer for me today: be, don’t do. Rest, don’t race. Embrace, feel and forgive the feelings. Ride the wave of winter.

I’ve also reached out to my coach for support, as well as a lovely business mastermind I’m a member of (the Gentle Business Mastermind). Sometimes, all I need to do is say to someone “I’m in winter. I feel vulnerable and wobbly.”

I don’t necessarily need advice, just someone to listen. Say “That’s OK”. And remind me Spring will soon be here.

So if you’re feeling the blues today, it’s OK. Spring is coming. And I’m here with you.

This is something I also coach my clients on when they desire it…we can have a chat to get you through the winter of your cycle (or any other moods or emotions you’re experiencing at the moment).


x Katherine