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What is a personal breakthrough session?



Adopting healthier habits. Changing careers. Making more money. Believing anything is possible.

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to make positive changes in our life, they just don’t seem to stick. We sabotage our success, and let the well-intentioned voice in our head convince us it’s all too hard – and who are we to even try?

This is your primal brain trying to keep you safe. You need that voice when you’re about to do something dangerous – like walk down a dark alley at night. But when you want to grow and become the best possible version of yourself, that need for survival keeps you stuck. 

So how can you get unstuck? What’s the fastest way to transform your life – and overcome self-doubt, low self-esteem, past pain, and the beliefs and blocks that hold you back?

With a personal breakthrough session!


How can a personal breakthrough session help me?

Do you wish you were more confident? Are you struggling with anxiety or stress?  Maybe you’ve lost your focus and drive – or feel overwhelmed or emotional by the things in your life.

Or perhaps you’ve already been making a huge effort to change. You’ve quit your job, switched up your business niche, started a new relationship, or embarked on a healthier lifestyle. First off – go you! That’s something to celebrate.

But when we only change our external circumstances, we’re still the same inside. We take our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours along for the ride. That’s why we tend to fall back on what’s comfortable – repeating the same problems and patterns, and ditching our dreams at the drop of a hat. 

A breakthrough session can help. Together, we break through the beliefs, blocks and behaviours that have kept you stuck. And then set strategies and goals to supercharge your future success, in all areas of your life and business.

It speeds up your transformation, with fast and fun tools and techniques that get great and often immediate results. 




It’s life changing

Truly. Not only have I healed from a difficult childhood marked by anxiety, rejection and bullying, I’ve seen my clients create phenomenal shifts in their personal and professional performance.

One client, fed up with the inner voice telling her she wasn’t worthy of success, turned her entire life and business around. She got out of debt, saved for a home, transformed her relationship with her spouse, and is now on track to make six figures in her design business.

After your session, you may notice things in your mind and life begin to align. Those past pains, worries and wobbly thoughts are replaced by a new narrative. Suddenly, you see anything is possible.

You become clear on your goals – and how to reach them.

You adopt more empowering beliefs and healthier habits.

You feel more motivated, optimistic, and certain about the things in your life.

You become more confident – in your abilities, as well as in your work and relationships.

Anxiety, fear, phobias and other unhelpful emotions are replaced by positive states.

You make faster decisions, manage your time better, and supercharge your performance.

You feel more energised, happier, and healthier.

And that’s just the beginning.

A personal breakthrough session opens the door to becoming the best version of you – and creating the life and career of your dreams.


What happens in a session?

First up, we go through a series of in-depth questions designed to dig deep into the root of your issues. I create a safe and supportive space to explore this together. 

The next step is to begin breaking through those beliefs, blocks and behaviours. We meet face-to-face or over Zoom or Skype, for up to eight hours. Usually, we split this into two sessions – as it can be quite intense to cover everything in one day!

I guide you through a series of powerful mindset techniques: NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy™ and hypnotherapy.

These connect us with your unconscious mind, where all your memories, habits and emotions are stored – and where we can create long-lasting change.

We finish the session by embedding new beliefs, behaviours and goals for your future. And one month later, we hop on the phone for a complimentary follow-up call – to see how you’re tracking, and celebrate the changes you’ve created in your life!


Ready to turn your life around?

Imagine transforming your life in just eight hours. It’s possible. And as your breakthrough coach, I would love to guide you towards a brighter, better future.

You can book a free call with me now. It’s totally free, and a great way to see how a breakthrough session can help you become your best-ever self.

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