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This morning, I was sitting on the couch sipping my coffee. Just sitting and sipping and taking a moment to be still. Noticing my thoughts, letting them come and go (this is what I’ve been doing since I stopped going on social media last week.)

The dog was napping on the carpet. The cat on the chair across from me.

And in that moment, we all looked at each other. It was one of those light, lovely moments in life when you smile and sort of giggle to yourself.

I’m looking at the dog, she’s looking at me, then looking over at the cat. And the cat is looking at us both in that bored, unimpressed way cats do.

I noticed when I made eye contact with the dog, she perked up. As if to say, “Yes? What’s next? Let’s go!”

The cat, on the other hand, was like “Will you both just chilllll. Everything is perfect right now. You’re killing my vibe. Jeeeeze.”

I realised something…

This is what our brains are like!

The moment I stop doing (rushing, being productive, swept up in the day’s demands) and start being (stopping, being still, noticing) my ‘two brains’ do battle:

My dog brain is ready to jump on the next thing. Let’s go! There’s a big world out there! You’re missing out!

My cat brain is calm, centred, and blissing out in the moment. Realising all is well, I am safe, and all that exists is this moment.

When I give in to my anxious dog brain, I race at a more frantic pace. I accomplish a lot, sure, but it comes from a place of fear and lack. I’ll never do enough, see enough, be good enough…there’s no end to the chase.

When I allow my cat brain to lead, I go slowly. Deliberately. I’m more mindful in each moment. I still get things done, but it comes from a feeling of contentedness and safety and certainty. Which means the things I do accomplish tend to be more meaningful, impactful and valuable.

What’s coming up for you as you read this? If it resonates, you might like to explore these journaling prompts:

Where am I feeling anxious, graspy, unsafe or uncertain in my life?

Of those things, what can I let go of?

What feels safe or certain right now, in this moment?

How can I bring that feeling of safety and certainty into my day?

What comes up when I tell myself, “I’m not enough” or “I’m not safe”? What do I feel, how do I behave and respond to the world?

What comes up when I tell myself, “I am enough” or “I’m safe”? What do I feel, how do I behave and respond to the world?

I’d love to hear what reveals itself as you journal on these prompts.

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