Perhaps you’re scared to take the next step in your business – or bring your big, bold vision to life.

Maybe your mindset is keeping you stuck – or hustling to the point of burnout.

Like many of my clients, you might be wondering how to redefine success and build a business that honours your energy, health and lifestyle.

Wherever you’re at, I’d love to help.

I’m here with a safe, supportive space. To gently and compassionately grow your business and tweak your mindset.

There might be systemic messages to shed – or self-beliefs, blocks and boundaries to break or build.

We look at how your thoughts and feelings create your results.

How to integrate self-care and your cycle into your schedule.

And how to take practical action in a smart, sustainable way.

We follow my BRAVE framework – with plenty of space to play with your unique gifts, goals and challenges .

We start where you’re at and where you want to go.

Katherine is a remarkable coach with a gift for helping you feel safe, supported and understood. She helped me uncover blocks and step into a level of self-love and confidence I hadn’t experienced before we worked together. Katherine blends loving kindness and conscious questioning with practical tools you can use in everyday life. She’s able to meet you exactly where you’re at, and help you move towards the life and self-confidence you crave in a way that makes it feel not only possible, but inevitable.

Sarah Jensen, Award-winning life coach and corporate speaker

Katherine is a truly kind, compassionate coach. She deeply listens to help me identify and work through areas where I’m stuck, such as confidence, values and leadership. She helped me navigate some areas I wanted to work on, but didn’t know who to turn to. She helped me apply specific tools and techniques to better manage my mindset towards myself, and my relationships with my team and my peers. If you struggle at all with anxious thoughts and feelings at work and want to develop lifelong habits to help you move through your career and your life in a calm, confident manner, I’d highly recommend Katherine. I’m so grateful for her support, she is a true lightworker!

Claire Thorpe, Head of Marketing & Communications, Evergreen Life Health

Katherine has superpowers in actively listening, providing structured coaching and sharing new techniques to try. Our sessions have really helped me take time out to actively think, be gently challenged, understand, create a plan, assess what works, and track progress – and whilst there is always homework, our sessions are also good fun and incredibly positive!

Gwen Edwards, Head of Marketing, Kinneir Dufort

We meet 1:1 on Zoom to explore your:

  • Beliefs + boundaries

  • Rest + rituals

  • Awareness + actions

  • Vision + values

  • Energy + emotions

Intuitively, we flow through these areas of your work and life. So you can come to the call as you are, stepping into a safe, supportive and sacred space.

Katherine started working with me as I embarked on a new role. The reason I wanted to work with Katherine was her specialist coaching knowledge & support around more introverted personality-types, perfect for coaching an ISFJ. She is a great listener, who I felt immediately comfortable to be open with. She provided actionable strategies focused on my strengths and practical mind-set models I could apply with everyday scenarios. I felt Katherine’s coaching was fundamental in helping me navigate my first three months in a new role.

Allie Fisher, Digital Marketing Manager, Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

Katherine has found her calling helping people work through life challenges and unlocking growth opportunities. Her approach is rooted in both experience, education, and feedback from her clients. She has a holistic approach insofar as she seeks to help you understand the intersection of professional and personal and how one may impact the other in ways we wouldn’t expect. You don’t need to have a “problem” per se to work with Katherine, her approachable and realist nature means she is able to provide you with realistic and achievable goals and tools to be the best version of yourself, wherever you are in that journey.

Elisa Chan, Head of Customer Insights & UX Research, Amazon Music

I deeply appreciated your ability to come to the call with a sense of “knowing” around what we needed to cover. You were able to help me cut through the surface level shit and go deeper, listen and hear my own clarity. I was able to bring all of me (regardless of the energy, archetype, etc.) to each call and you were able to hold space for her, care for her, help her, which helped me so much. I’ve not had that type of beautiful support before. Thank you xxx “

Sarah Jensen, Award-winning life coach and corporate speaker

To bring you abundant energy and focus, I only work with a few clients at a time.

If you’re fully committed to showing up and digging deep, then let’s get started.

“Thank you for the beautiful support, having an unbiased set of ears to run things by, having space held for me to speak and share and figure things out, feeling safe and able to talk things through with someone in a safe space, being asked guiding question to help me get underneath the surface and get to the heart of things, being gifted beautiful tools and techniques I can use on an ongoing basis. I can’t thank you enough. You are a remarkable coach.”
“I’ve noticed big shifts in my attitude, my approach to things, my ability to create space, and to drop the mask of perfection and let things be enough as they are. My confidence and contentment in ‘being me’ without excuse or apology or discomfort. This list could be epic – but so many beautiful shifts in so many areas of my life, which are being created by a shift in my emotional and foundational fabric.”

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