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Surviving + thriving as a sensitive soul
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Are you struggling to be your true self?

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Do you find it hard to thrive as a sensitive soul in a noisy world?

 Want to finally step out of self-doubt – and into self-love?

It’s time to get clear, calm and courageous.

You’re destined for bigger, brighter things than your mind believes.

I’m here to hold space. To support you. To guide you.

As you step out of your story – and into your brave business and life.

Taking action to reach your big, bold soul goals.

So you show up in the world as your true, illuminated and empowered self.

Let’s make magic together.

Here’s how:

I create a sacred, safe space.

Supporting you to rewrite your story – and shine as a sensitive soul.

With intuition, compassion and care.

Shining a light on the beliefs and blocks holding you back.

Shifting thoughts and facing feelings.

And gently guiding you to build a brave vision for your business and life.

We strip away the “shoulds” and “can’ts”.

Sprinkle in better beliefs, boundaries, habits and rituals. 

And plot your path to success.

Changing jobs.

Starting a business.

Overcoming perfectionism and people-pleasing.

Leading a new team.

Thriving with dyslexia.

Easing anxiety.

Making more money.

Healing anger, sadness, fear, guilt and hurt.

Healing relationships.

Overcoming binge eating.

Finding peace in panic.

Making space for what matters most.

Living and working on your terms.

Finding home within yourself.

Learning to love.

Choosing heart over hustle.

Creating your dream future.

Owning your unique nature.

I’ve helped people do it all – and more.

“Katherine is a truly kind, compassionate coach. She deeply listens to help me identify and work through areas where I’m stuck, such as confidence, values and leadership. I’m so grateful for her support, she is a true lightworker!”
“Katherine has superpowers in actively listening, providing structured coaching and sharing new techniques to try. Our sessions have really helped me take time out to actively think, be gently challenged, understand, create a plan, assess what works, and track progress – and whilst there is always homework, our sessions are also good fun and incredibly positive!”
“I deeply appreciated your ability to come to the call with a sense of “knowing” around what we needed to cover. You were able to help me cut through the surface level shit and go deeper, listen and hear my own clarity, and support me in a way I have genuinely never been supported in before.”
“I feel safe, heard and supported. The sessions have helped me verbalise things (which is what I struggled with) and I feel more confident to use my voice in trickier situations. It’s helped me talk things through with Katherine, and given me some good tips and tools to help prepare for tough conversations.”

I weave proven practices and grounded guidance, with a spritz of the spiritual – to help you transform your life and work. Your way.

I draw on:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Time Line Therapy™

  • Intuitive mindset coaching

  • Business and leadership coaching

As well as:

  • My experiences overcoming anxiety and depression

  • My wisdom from building two profitable, six-figure businesses

  • Insights from guiding 100s of people to make friends with their mind

“I was able to bring all of me (regardless of the energy, archetype, etc.) to each call and you were able to hold space for her, care for her, help her, which helped me so much. I’ve not had that type of beautiful support before. Thank you xxx “
“You’ve helped me tap in deeper to my intuition, become more aware of my energy and what I need, and then actually take intentional action to look after myself.”
“The sessions have helped me verbalise things which is what I struggle with. I feel more confident to use my voice in trickier situations. It has helped talk things through with Katherine beforehand, and given me some good tips and tools to help prepare for tough conversations.”
“I feel clearer, calmer and more in control of things, but without having to over-control them. I feel like I have a greater and deeper perspective on certain situations, feelings and habits and I feel that, with your beautiful help, I’ve been able to learn more about myself, connect more deeply with myself and care for myself more consistently.”


12-week intensive coaching program

6 x 90 minute coaching calls on Zoom

Call recordings for you to keep

Unlimited email support between sessions

Custom workbooks, action plans and resources

Fast and fun transformations: eliminate the beliefs + blocks holding you back, create your future, and take aligned action to reach your goals

£300 / AUD$550 all inclusive

Are you ready to thrive?

To bring you abundant energy and focus, I only offer 1:1 coaching to a few clients at a time.

If you’re fully committed to showing up and digging deep, then get ready for incredible shifts.

“Thank you for the beautiful support, having an unbiased set of ears to run things by, having space held for me to speak and share and figure things out, feeling safe and able to talk things through with someone in a safe space, being asked guiding question to help me get underneath the surface and get to the heart of things, being gifted beautiful tools and techniques I can use on an ongoing basis. I can’t thank you enough. You are a remarkable coach.”
“I’ve noticed big shifts in my attitude, my approach to things, my ability to create space, and to drop the mask of perfection and let things be enough as they are. My confidence and contentment in ‘being me’ without excuse or apology or discomfort. This list could be epic – but so many beautiful shifts in so many areas of my life, which are being created by a shift in my emotional and foundational fabric.”