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Same cupcake, different icing




Imagine a cupcake on a countertop.

Left out for a few days, it soon starts to dry out…until finally it becomes a hard, lumpy, inedible rock. Mmm, yummy!

If you simply scrape off the icing and pop a new blob on top, what happens?

The top tastes fresh and oh so sweet, but it doesn’t change the rock cake beneath it.

It’s the same with our mind, right?

If we keep looping the same stale thoughts around and around in our mind, it doesn’t matter if we take a candlelit bath or a digital detox, or read a book on manifesting our dreams.

Doing the things that look good on the surface won’t change our brain.

And Instagramming our luscious spa day (hashtag selfcare) won’t turn our old thoughts into fresh beliefs. And it deeeefinitely won’t get us on the path to true self-love and acceptance and growth.

So what’s the secret recipe?

We have to maintain our brain.

Store our thoughts properly.

Keep our thinking fresh.

And check in with ourselves daily:

What results am I getting in my life?

Do I like where I’m headed?

What stale thought and belief patterns are holding me back from the sweetest, most delicious life possible?

Is it time to whip up a fresh batch and get your mind focused on the right things?

I’ll leave that one to simmer away in your mind, lovely.

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