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Digital detox: day one



Today, Dimitri and I close the door to the first home we shared. After two years living above a hair salon on the high street in Bristol in the UK, we’re off on a new adventure!

For the next six or so months, we’ll be hopping from country house to country house, caring for cats and dogs and living simply. I envisage lots of walks in nature, baking, and reading. Quiet time. Much needed quiet time.

And as I look around the empty spaces, and all our belongings condensed into three suitcases, I’m feeling a lot of things.

Remembering the first time we entered the flat, looked at each other and said “It’s perfect!”

Remember the first week when we nervously set up our first place together…unsure if it would work out. If we would work out.

Remembering all the funny times, tears, carpet dinner parties with friends, mornings spent sipping coffee as the sun streamed through the windows.

When we feel discomfort or pain, it’s SO tempting to jump onto social media (or another welcomed distraction like booze or food or shopping).

But today happens to be the first day of my digital detox! So I’m left to face my feelings. To allow them to come in and wash over me.

Why I’m taking a digital detox

For the next week, I’m going offline.

That means no socials. No emails. No work! Whaaaat?!

Aside from my client coaching calls, sessions with my own coach, and a couple of podcast interviews and business mastermind calls, I’m tuning out.

With just my journal, crystals and meditations, my intention is to go inward. To quieten my mind and go within. To see what creative sparks or messages or shifts (or shit!) arise. And if nothing comes up, accepting that too.

See, I’ve found myself being busy busy busy for a long time now. Building two businesses, preparing for our big move, and attempting to stay healthy, social, and sane have brought me to the brink of burnout.

That’s not a fun place to be.

It also stunts my creative flow, and really feeling in tune with my body. Busyness is – I believe – the killer of joy! So too is comparing ourselves to others…which can happen if we spend too much time scrolling on socials.

So just as I guide my clients through overwhelm, self-doubt and negative self-talk, I’m holding my hand and listening to what my mind, body and heart want:





Am I scared?

A little, yup. It’s been a LONG time since I took a break from my businesses…from screens.

“What if I lose business?”

“What if I miss out on a really important group chat?”

“What if people post in my Facebook group and think I’m ignoring them?”

The ego is freaking out here!

And all I can say to her is, “You’ll handle it.” Or even, “So what?”

In the bigger picture of the planet and the universe that holds us, missing one conversation or comment really won’t change anything.

And my reasons for taking time off are to make sure my life and work serves our planet, people and universe in the best way possible.

I want to make a positive impact. A valuable contribution. I crave creating more and consuming less.

I want to work on something that’s bigger than me and my bank account. To truly help create the future of my dreams – of our dreams.

And as Lynne Twist writes so beautifully in The Soul of Money (which is a transformative must-read):

When you discard your own pettiness, center yourself in integrity, and reach into your soul for your greatness, it is always there.

So, my lovelies. I’m going offline to reach into my soul and see what’s there.

And I’ll see you on the other side!

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