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Being brave in wobbly moments

When you think you don’t belong in business


You belong in business.

There. I said it.

Because even after fourteen years doing this freelancing thing, I sometimes still need to hear it myself.

Because I don’t wear a suit to work. Well, unless you count my birthday suit, woot woo!

Because I’m quirky, and I cry, and my default energetic setting is heart-racing anxiety. Because I do my best work alone, and I’m sensitive, and inconsistent, and I take days off each month to nurse my bloated belly that feels like a million knives stabbing at my insides. Because while I love making money, I prefer to serve first.

Because of all that, I have sometimes felt like I didn’t belong.

I’m not serious enough for business.

And sure, I don’t fit into a certain version of business. The one that’s run by people who probably don’t want people like me in their club anyway.

But I DO belong in my business.

And so do you.

You wild, creative, ingenious, inventive, kind, spirited, wondrous human you.

You are right where you need to be.

You birthed your business for a reason.

And that might not fit the traditional mould.

Regardless, stay true to your vision. Hold strong to your mission. Keep working, keep creating, playing, producing, doing things your way.

Because there’s a shift brewing.

Maybe you’ve felt it? It’s ever so subtle. A gentle whisper on the winds. A delicate ripple in the current.

It’s coming.

There are more voices knocking on the door. Vibrant and varied and strong.

And you belong among them.

Challenging the way we work. Creating opportunities for the people who’ve only ever been knocked back. Reclaiming the title of CEO*, CFO, CMO, Chief** of Fucking Everything – or writing your own title that’s a better fit.

Or simply serving your clients and growing your enterprise on your terms. Because that’s just as powerful an act as any: keeping on and treading your path.

You don’t need an invitation to belong.

You already do.

Now get back out there and make magic.


* Check out Lena West’s work on reclaiming the CEO title

** As I wrote this, I thought, “Wait a minute. Is using the word ‘chief’ in a job title cultural appropriation?” I did some digging and found Canada’s largest school board ditched it out of respect for First Nations people. Some people say the origins of the word stem from France and that it isn’t Indigenous. But my spidey senses tell me there’s likely oppression behind the argument. So hey, double benefit for making up your own job title!


Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash