I was having a doozy of a day: feeling frustrated, stuck, and unsure of the next steps.

It’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey, these ups and downs.

But these days, I don’t like to wallow in woe too long. I prefer to feel the feeling, learn the lesson, and shift my energy so I can move on feeling fab!

So I’ve discovered a question that almost always gets me in the right frame of mind:

What would my future self say?

Simply close your eyes, visualise your future self – the one who has, does and is everything you desire right now – and see what she has to say.

How would she guide you?

What would she suggest you do next? (or not do!)

What lessons can she share to get you out of this rut and on the right track?

Your future self can be your best mentor.

And all you have to do is ask.

Give it a go, and let us know in the Facebook community.

And if you’d like to bridge the gap between your present and future self, we can have a free chat to get you on track.

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