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Finding your happy place – and why I’m returning to mine



I arose early this morning to interview a beautiful soul for the podcast. Our conversation was so energising, flowing and fluid, I felt inspired afterwards to open my journal and allow my subconscious to speak.

It’s been a hectic month (getting ready to move out and start our housesitting ventures) and I haven’t been nurturing my highest self lately.

So this morning, she was given her voice.

And here’s what she wrote:

The mighty, healing sea is calling me home. Her undulating waves, salty scent and cleansing power are where I return to myself. My true self. The self that connects way back to our ancestors who emerged from the sea and started their life on land. I’m drawn back to my island home, to share its healing gifts with others. So we can greet and wash away our isolation, doubt, fear and pain – and begin again. Refreshed. Renewed. Reborn.

Woah. A true revelation!

Until those words appeared on the page, I wasn’t sure why I was leading my Greek husband to my homeland.

People have been asking, “Why Australia? Why Adelaide (where I’ve never lived before)?”

And I’ve given a few reasons that sound logical, practical: “It’s a more prosperous place. My mum is there. We love the sun.”

But on the deepest soul level, I now see it. I hear it…

The sea is calling me home.

The sea has always healed me.

When I was lost and alone in my 20s – seeking approval from men, longing for love in all the wrong places, punishing my body – running along the sand and throwing myself under the waves was my medicine.

It kept me alive.

Stilled my mind.

Washed away my worries.

On my solo travels, I was always close to the ocean…not consciously. I’d arrive somewhere, smell the salt in the air, and seemingly sleepwalk down to the shoreline. Dazed, drawn.

As I reflect now (and this seems silly to say) I feel I have a relationship with the ocean. Nothing kinky (haha!) but a true soul connection.

I respect her power, only venturing in when she welcomes me – and if not, simply pad along the sand and allow the water to kiss my feet.

I ask her to carry my cares far, far out to sea.

And she’s always there in my dreams. Calling to me.

So…that’s the real, heart-held reason why I’m going home.

It’s not that Australia is ‘better’ than here…or anywhere.

It’s because, in the words of Christine Anu, “my island home is waiting for me.”


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