I love it when a client starts self-coaching. She’s blossomed out of her old beliefs and blocks, and now has a wonderful collection of coaching tools to draw on each day. She asks herself probing, provoking questions. She reframes her thoughts. And she empowers herself to be responsible for her results in life and business.

This is where I guide my clients to go. This is the foundation from where all their wildest wishes can manifest.

Because this is when they begin tuning in to their inner coach.

We all have one.

Your inner goddess. Your higher self. Your unconscious mind. Your inner priestess. Your highest power. Your inner sage.

She is you and you are her.

She is you without worry or doubt, criticism or shame.

She is – and always has been – inside you. But maybe, like me, you were never aware of her existence.

Perhaps you’ve never greeted her, had a conversation, asked her for guidance. And that’s OK – so many of us start right there.

And as you begin self-coaching and making friends with your mind, as you meditate and tune inward, as you journal and find clarity, your self-trust grows. Your intuition throbs. And you begin a beautiful relationship with your inner coach.

And then, you can ask your inner coach for guidance on everything in your life:

“Higher self, I ask for clarity on my next career move…”

“Unconscious mind, I ask you to take this worry and deal with it in the way you know is best for me…”

“Hey awesome inner coach, you know how I’m struggling to find clients? If you could shine a light on where they are, that’d be rad. Chars!”

When you offer up any decision, worry, block or icky feeling, you release it from your conscious mind. You set it free. And you task your inner coach with figuring out all the details: how to find clients, when to make that career move, what to do with that worry.

Isn’t that incredible? You can release the grip on needing to have all the answers, and know all the steps. Simply ask, and your inner coach takes care of it.

When I began this relationship with my inner coach, all the anxiety I had around figuring my life out lifted. I’d been stuck for months, taking no action, because I was so lost in how to shift out of my freelance copywriting career and into coaching:

  • “Niche or no niche?”
  • “Who do I want to work with?”
  • “How do I want to work with them?”
  • “How on earth do I make money from this?”
  • “What’s the best way to truly serve people?”

These questions played on loop in my head, and I got wound tighter and tighter. I was asking my conscious mind to figure it all out, but she was just as confused as me. And together, we threw our hands up and cried “It’s all too hard. I don’t know what to do!”

Once I started offering these questions to the part of me who does know (outside of my awareness), and trusting she would deal with it in a way that best served me, others, and the planet, all that worry eased.

It took time to trust, of course.

And as an impatient overachiever, I sometimes try to hurry her along: “Have you figured it out yet, inner coach?!”

But the more I release the reins, keep connected to my vision, and allow her to take care of how it will all unfold, the clearer and calmer I become. The happier I feel. And every single day, my life shines brighter and brighter.

Where I self-sabotage, she holds the highest intentions for my growth.

Where I worry, she keeps a clear, calm head and leads with certainty.

When I have a down day or dip into anxiety, she’s soothing me with gentle suggestions: “A walk might feel good…Ooh, your sketchbook’s over there, you love drawing…”

And the moment I say, “I’d like to shift my state and feel better” she’s there with the pen as I move through a thought download or self-coaching work – where I reframe my thinking, change my emotional state, and take action from that place.

To wrap up…

Getting to know your inner coach can change everything. Where you once worried about what to do, or say, or become next, she has all the answers.

And it all starts with one question: “Inner coach, where shall I go, what shall I do/say, who shall I become?”

Tweak this question any way you like. I’ve had silly chats (“Ok inner coach, sitting here biting my nails with anxiety sucks! Give me something else to do…stat!”) and teary, heartfelt ones (“Higher self, help me. Please. I’m so lost. Nothing makes sense…”)

This is your relationship with your inner guide. Start asking, and trust she will begin answering.

Because she is you and you are her.

And you already know.

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