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The magic 3: mindfulness + meditation + manifestation



We’ve been living out in the country for a little over three weeks now.

Dimitri and I are spending the next six months housesitting (and dogsitting yay!) in different spots dotted around the English and Welsh countryside.

It’s a big change from our high street flat, where buses roared outside our door and there was no escape from the noise, the pace, the chaos of city life.

Here, I’m savouring stillness.

Here, I feel freer to create.

Here, life moves slower, gentler in rhythm with nature.

And so here, in our 1860s converted cottage beside a castle, I felt called to crack back open Joe Dispenza’s book Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself.

It’s a four-week journey to rewire your brain and become your highest self. Each morning meditation is over 90 minutes long.

And while I set an intention to allow an hour and a half of meditation each morning (which was difficult on days when my mind wanted to rush into work), and while I loved the juicy, deep state the meditations took me to, I was struggling with the long sessions.

Change takes time, practice and patience. It rarely happens overnight.

But I was curious to try another, simpler, shorter practice to start my days feeling calmer and clearer.

So I ditched Dispenza and found a new way.

A coaching colleague steered me to Stress Less, Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher.

It’s just two 15-minute meditations a day.

And what I love so much about this practice (called Ziva) is it combines mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation.

As Emily writes:

Mindfulness helps you deal with stress in the present moment; meditation gets rid of stress from the past; and manifesting helps you create your dreams for the future.

  1. You spend just one to two minutes tuning in to the sounds, sights, smells, tastes and touch in the moment.
  2. Then, you let a mantra (in the book, she assigns the mantra “one”) float to you for thirteen to fourteen minutes.
  3. And as you let go of the mantra, spend a minute or two imagining a future dream as if you’re living it now.

It’s short, sweet, easy to slot into your day – and I’m already feeling the effects after just three days of practice.

My awareness is expanding. I’m working at a gentler pace. I feel more connected, conscious, creative.

My worried, frantic thoughts are switching to self-love and trust.

And I’m more confident about my dreams coming true.

To wrap up…

It can take some play and patience to find a meditation practice that suits your soul.

As we build our beautiful businesses in our own sensitive, heart-led way, taking time out to release stress, calm our mind, and create our future reality is a wonderful accompaniment.

Meditation builds our courage, our creativity, our certainty, our confidence. It keeps us sturdy in the storm, strong when we feel wobbly in our work, and centred as we explore our soul purpose.

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