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What will you release today?

2019-03-12T08:56:14+00:00Self Love|


So often, we cling to the things that keep us stuck.

Stuck in safety. Certainty. Other people’s opinions of who we are.

We say yes to things that aren’t aligned with our values, our vision.

We run the same loop of thinking around and around our minds like a merry-go-round.

But when we consciously choose to release those patterns, plans, obligations…things shift.

We begin creating a new reality.

We step bravely, courageously into the unknown – trusting that growth and our greatest lessons await us.

So, lovely one, if you feel stuck today. Or a bit irritated, angry, anxious or simply hear the voice of  doubt or fear, I invite you to ask yourself this one question:

What do I choose to release today?

Set your intention. Journal it, draw it, meditate on it, or simply let it simmer in your subconscious as you step into your day.

YOU get to choose what you allow in to your life.

YOU get to say what comes with you into the future – and what stays behind in your past.

YOU have full freedom and control over how you life this one lovely life.

So, what will you let go today?