save the world

Perhaps you can relate: all my life, I’ve absorbed the emotions of others. I’ve felt the pain of the planet. And I’ve felt called to do something about it.

Even when I was a little girl, I would sob watching the evening news with my family. It broke my heart to see war, poverty, car crashes, exploitations.

It’s why I stopped following the news. The sorrows, the struggles, the sickness seep into my pores. Bathe my cells. Become my being.

This is what life is like for empaths.

We feel so deeply.

We hurt for others.

We take it all in. We take it all on.

And sometimes, it leaves us feeling all the planet’s problems are ours to carry. They become our burden. We feel stuck under the mighty weight of the world – crushed by the knowledge we can’t possibly solve it on our own, yet feeling totally responsible for it all the same.

And if we reach that point, we risk doing nothing.

We stop working on the little things that could actually make a difference.

We vibrate in indecision, like a butterfly trapped under a glass. Fluttering frantically, expending energy, never expanding.

When I feel this way – lost in my mission, worrying about the world – one thing brings me out:

I find the miracle in the moment.

I might close my eyes and breathe into my belly, slow and deep. Marvelling at how breath keeps me alive, outside of my conscious awareness.

I might look at the light dancing on the wall in my office, reflecting off my water glass.

I might spend a moment watching my husband cook dinner, allowing the love and gratitude inside me to grow and grow.

I might delight in dandelions floating on the wind.

Or smile at a dog having the time of its life chewing a stick.

I find something to love. I look for a little slice of joy. A marvel of nature. The magic in the moment.

To wrap up…

If your heart aches for the world, that’s a beautiful thing.

Thank you for caring. For loving. For feeling responsible for it all.

But, kind soul, you don’t have to save the world. At least not all at once.

By finding love in each moment, by focusing on the miracles and the magic, we send a signal out to the Universe that more of that is possible. That we can shine light on the darkness. We can lift ourselves and others out of sorrow.

And anytime you feel hopeless, pause and look for the magic in the moment. It’s there. It’s always there. And it will set you free.

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