business visionary

Do you love dreaming up big, bold ideas?

Do you need to feel free in each moment – and resist restrictions on your time, creativity or work?

Is the idea of something better than the reality?

Then you might be a visionary archetype. And like me, you may find traditional business models unbearably bland or boxed-in.

That doesn’t mean you can’t build a business that lights you up, provides an abundant income, and makes an impact (heck, some of the world’s most incredible businesses were birthed by visionaries).

It simply requires you to design your day, your week, your work, your world around your visionary traits and preferences.

I mentioned this to a client in a coaching session recently, and they asked what that might look like. We explored this together, so I figured I’d share a few insights with you here.

1 Accept you ARE a visionary

The first step to make any change in your life or business is to see things for how they really are. If you identify as a visionary (and you can take the archetype test here to find out), I want you to stand up right now, jump up and down and yell: “I AM A VISIONARY! WOOHOO! WATCH OUT WORLD!”

I’m seeeerious. Are you doing it? I can see you…

Oh yeah! Love it! You’re awesome.

See, the world needs visionaries, now more than ever. We need the people who can see what’s possible, break through what seems impossible, and keep us anchored into a bigger picture of progress for the benefit of all.

You are that person (no pressure). Even if your vision is seemingly small-scale, it’s very much valued and needed. You can be a ripple that changes the tide.

So. You are a visionary. Yay yay yays for days!

2 Unbox yourself

Whether you’re still in the business dreaming phase, or have a fully-fledged enterprise, there’s a good chance you’ve tried to contort yourself to fit the traditional concept of a business owner.

Maybe you’ve forced yourself into a 9-5 schedule (even though your best and brightest ideas are spawned before dawn or after dusk).

Perhaps you make a bunch of plans and whip up a strict schedule each week, only to cancel last-minute (or dread following through).

Or you might’ve spent hours finessing your website, creating programs and promoting your work…only to get bored with the whole thing a few months later, toss it all out and start again (or consider it a big failure and never go back into business).

So many boxes. So little freedom.

So what we want to do is to see where you’ve limited your visionary tendencies – and then begin to unpack it.

Maybe this week, you switch off your alarm and wake up with the sun.

Or you could do what I do and designate one day to being a CEO – the visionary in your business. Stay in or head out with a notebook, a pen, and a mind filled with possibilities. Give your mind space to play with your dreams, or to create, or to simply step back and see the bigger picture for your business. You might review your stats (website views, social media engagement, email list signups). Or look at where you need support to bring your bright ideas into fruition – by hiring a VA or social media manager, for example.

Another idea: you might block out a spontaneous week in the next month or so. This is a week when you make zero plans. Everything you do is based on how you feel in the moment.

Now, at this stage your brain is likely to freak out. This happens when it’s attaching to an old story. My brain likes to say, “You can’t take a day off to just think about your business! Who do you think you are – Oprah?!” It believes the capitalist culture story that one must be always on, hustling and overworking without a moment to pause and reflect on why.

Whatever comes up when you start to unbox yourself, I want you to just jot it down. Don’t try to shift it, change it, judge it. Just write it down, notice it, thank it for its concern, and climb outta that box anyway. When you do, your brain will start to rearrange the old story to support the new one.

3 Build a framework

My business changed the moment I stopped trying to perfect my programs and processes.

As a big picture thinker, being too prescriptive in my work is a recipe for resentment.

So I do something else: I figure out what I believe in, what I want to say about that, and why I believe it’s important to share.

For instance, I believe in a world where we all have the courage to create change. I want to let people know they can do things differently – and they can succeed in business if they identify as introverted, sensitive, creative or quirky. I believe it’s important to share that, because when more people find the courage to create change, we all benefit.

That’s my vision. And it intuitively guides my everyday actions and interactions.

I don’t have a formula that I follow in my coaching sessions. My clients bring a thought, a challenge, a question to the call and we flow with it. Play with it. Explore it and allow it to guide their next steps. And it all stems from my vision to help my clients find courage in their business and life.

So, have a think about what you believe in and why it matters. And then use that to inform your work and shape your business.

With your vision as a sort of framework or foundation, you then have plenty of room to move within your business structure. You’re not locked in to something you might get bored with or decide isn’t working for you anymore. You set the intention, and can then tweak your projects, programs or products as you go along. As it grows. As you gain new ideas. With all the freedom to express yourself as the vibrant visionary you are.

So that’s a little insight into how you can begin to rethink business as a visionary. If you’d like to go a little deeper with this and how it might look for you, you can book a short call with me here.

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