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Let me ask you something: did you arise today at 5am, down a giant green smoothie (remembering the spirulina, flax, and MCT oil of course), pen 1000 words in your journal, meditate, and smash a hardcore workout…all before 9am?

Ya. Me either.

I saw a book the other day called The 5AM Club. Then I heard the author on a podcast, saying the most successful people in business are up at a sparrow’s fart to rock their day – and the entire world.

And I get it. I do. For some people, this kind of spartan routine really is motivating. It’s what they need to feel alive, to get in the best headspace, to smash their goals.

But for those of us who dance to a different beat, trying to adapt to this high-paced, high-energy morning routine can leave us feeling burnt out. And if we skip a day or struggle through, it’s easy to feel like we’re not good enough. We’re failures. We’re a world away from the world’s most inspiring, successful people.

So we either push through a routine that leaves us feeling frazzled (and full of cortisol, as the body pumps out more of the stress hormone). Or we stay under the blankets asking “what’s the point?”

This is toxic, my sensitive friends.

This is the narrative doing the rounds in the entrepreneurial world.

But it doesn’t have to be our story.

As sensitive souls, a softer, slower start can be delicious. And set us up for success, our way. 

So here’s what I wish to share with you:

1. Success is individual.

Just as there isn’t one diet that’s best for every body (case in point: Dimitri glows from pasta, I turn into a bowl of pasta!), there’s no one path to start your day, fulfill your dreams, and make an impact.

5am starts work for some, others need more sleep and a slower start.

Success stems from belief in your journey, trust in your choices, being led by your heart – not by the collective hustle. It’s the result of aligning your vision and intentions with your thoughts, feelings and actions. Allow yourself to write your own story of success.

2. Play with space, slowness and stillness.

There’s magic in the morning, before the house stirs. This is your sacred time – to reframe your thoughts, set your beautiful intentions, dream your future, and enjoy whatever lights you up. Or simply sit with a cup of tea and stare outside the window without expectation.

If stretching your body or doing some yin yoga centres you, enjoy. If you like to paint or read an inspiring book before the day’s demands rush in, savour it.

Ask yourself, “How can I start my day feeling wonderful and open to serve?” Do what you love. And set yourself up for the day, your way.

3. Do one thing that makes your heart sing.

A lovely weekend activity is to get cosy with a cuppa, and write a long list of things that make your heart sing. That light you up. That stir something within.

Then each morning this week, choose one item and spend one to five minutes exploring it. See how you feel. Notice how it shapes your day.

Perhaps you try a morning sketch session, but realise it’s something you prefer to do in the evenings after dinner.

Maybe you try a sun salutation and love the way it gently fires up your body.

Do one thing. Observe how you feel. Be your own guru.

To wrap up…

Building a beautiful business and life is about arising above those feelings of “should” – “I should do it this way, because [insert extroverted business guru here] said so.”

It’s about finding the courage to look within and ask your highest self what’s best for you, for others, for the planet in this moment.

As a sensitive soul, your mornings are a gift to slink into stillness. To explore your deepest calling. To take action from a place of self-love, compassion and openness.

I know it’s not easy stepping left when the world is (and wants you to) go right. Trust that you know what’s best for you.

And take heart that you can succeed, make money, and achieve all your wildest wishes by going gentler, slower and softer.

Let’s leave the hustle for the hustlers.

Let’s start our day our own way.

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