redefine success

How do you define success?

My mentors raised this in a Facebook live this morning, to kick off their 5-day #DitchTheHustle Challenge (join us here!). And it’s something I haven’t asked myself in a really long time.

What is success to you?

Our capitalist culture tells us success is more. More money, more profit, better products, bigger numbers. Keep chasing. Competing. Winning.

But there’s a huge cost to that version of success: both to our individual sense of self-worth and satisfaction – and to our collective health and sustainability.

When we start out in business, it’s easy to get wrapped up in that world. So taking time to pause and realign with your version of success is key to building a business that lights you up and has a positive impact.

Perhaps we start with the word ‘success’.

It’s so loaded, you might want to ditch it (along with the hustle) and pick something that’s a better fit for you.

Nicola Newman, artist and mentor in the Gentle Business Mastermind, chooses ‘fulfilment’ over success.

Perhaps you like ‘satisfaction’, ‘wholeness’, ‘purpose’, ‘creative flow’ or even ‘joy’.

Next, you might look at your values. As I’ve mentioned before, these are your guiding lights. Your navigation. They steer you to the thoughts, feelings, actions and results you most want to create in your life and work.

They are a movable feast. So the values that guide you today can change with the day – or when you feel you’re veering off course. For instance, Freedom has always guided me. And while it’s still a value, I’m leaning more into Stability this year – as I build a new life and reshape my business in Australia.

As you go about your day, you can ask “What would [your value] do here?” Or “what would it look like/feel like/sound like if [your value] guided me today?”

I like to create my daily to-dos from this place. For instance, Stability might lead me to look at my financial plan. Or create a new framework. And Daring might see me show up on social media with a heartfelt post. Or make that call I’ve been putting off.

At the end of each day, I can ask “Was I daring today? Did I feel stable?” When you do this with your values, you’ll likely feel that sense of fulfilment. Satisfaction. Success.

And unlike the version of success where there’s always MORE you could get, have, do or be, this one is like a homecoming. It’s a sort of resting place. Sure, you still have goals and plans and action items to get done. But instead of it feeling grabby, it’s gentle. There’s a sense of flow, unfolding, becoming. Gradual growth. Centred self-discovery. A settling into satisfaction with what you did achieve in your business and life today. Instead of a sense of dread, lack, or longing.

And the irony? When we stop seeking success, that often ends up being the very thing we experience.

So, what’s your version of success? I’d love to know. Book a call to ask how we can build your business for total soul satisfaction. 

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