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Surviving + thriving as a sensitive soul

The three words that can change your life and business


This year, I’ve been gradually transitioning out of my 12-year freelance copywriting business and into coaching. (I say gradually, because I have a tendency to rush all in and impatiently push for results, so it’s a reminder that my intention is to go gently.)

It can be a bumpy ride – closing the door on your old career and stepping into an unknown future.

Because I know copywriting inside out. The craft sits in my cells. And I can find clients to fill my schedule in a single day.

But coaching is a whole other ballgame.

It’s about building connections and community over time. And (for me at least) slick marketing feel icky in this space. I prefer human-to-human, heart-to-heart conversations over lead funnels, welcome series, and Facebook ads screeching about how I used to scrounge around for coins but now have a seven-figure business (buy my thing so you can, too!)

You too? Thought so, you beautifully sensitive soul.

So as I’ve been pivoting businesses, I’ve had to stay super strong in my mindset. The slightest wobble, worry, doubt or self-criticism can keep me stuck in the land of lack and misery.

But when you’re building a business – or changing your life – those worries and doubts come along for the ride. It’s just up to you whether you let them drive, or tell them to take the back seat.

So how do you keep on moving when the future is so uncertain? When your actions haven’t brought the results you wanted? When it seems everyone else is further along than you – and they’ve kicked up so much dust, you can’t clearly see the path ahead?

Just complete this sentence:

It’s possible to…


Those three little words are what keep me on track every day. They steer me out of my fears that I can’t succeed as a coach – and transport me to the land of possibility.

Let me give you a few examples:

  • “It’s possible to connect with one client today.”
  • “It’s possible to succeed as a coach.”
  • “It’s possible to make $2000 in my business.” [Or $20,000 or $200,000 – whatever your next money goal is]

You can plug anything in:

  • “It’s possible to learn to love myself.”
  • “It’s possible to feel good giving my presentation.”
  • “It’s possible to take a holiday this year.”

The only caveat is to make sure you can believe it. If it feels outside the realm of possibility right now, your mind will say “Nah, that’s not happening.”

So keep it realistic – yet a little dreamy, too.

If you’re just starting out, saying “It’s possible to make $1 million this year” might seem ridiculous! (It’s not necessarily, but your brain might think so).

Whereas, “It’s possible to find my first client” or even “It’s possible to learn how to find my first client” might sit better and be the juice to get you going.

To wrap up…

This is part of my morning pre-work practice: I decide what’s possible, write it down, say it aloud, really embody it, and feel the shift in my body – and if there’s no feeling, I tweak it until there is or choose a new one (I’m usually looking to feel excited and energised).

Then before I do any task that day, I remind myself of what’s possible. I let that lead me, comfort me, inspire me to keep going.

It’s really possible to do anything. To create any future reality you desire.

Just take it one possibility at a time.

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